Behind The Stick: An Interview With Vevion

I got the chance to speak to Vevion, a well known Elphelt player in the Guilty Gear scene. Some of the topics we discussed include his history with fighting games, why he loves Elphelt, his thoughts on other fighting games, and what he wants to do in the future.

Q: First, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer some questions. How are you doing?

Vevion: Thank YOU for picking me! I am doing well! How about yourself?

Q: Ha, no worries man! I’m doing great thanks for asking! So, I’m sure a lot of people know you already from seeing you on streams and such but why don’t you tell us about your history of fighting games starting from when you first got into them and your adventure to where you are today with them.

Vevion: What got me into the realm of fighting games was Dead or Alive 2 and Soul Calibur 2 funny enough lol. Back then, I was a button mashing scrub who didn’t know any better, but I had fun with the games regardless! Even though I started off playing 3D fighters, I never truly got into them to learn them properly. I very casually played those games, but that all changed when Street Fighter 4 came out.
It was the first fighting game I wanted to truly learn and understand the game. And I played this (and MvC3) for many years. Then I saw the E3 trailer for Guilty Gear XRD SIGN, and I immediately fell in love with the game.
The presentation of the trailer, the graphics, the characters, the music, it all got me very interested in the game, so I was looking forward to that game coming out. Bought and played it when it first came out (shout outs to @Lemstar for helping the anime fgc getting the JP versions of the games back in the day lol) and continued playing it to this day!

Q: That’s really cool! I also come from a Street Fighter 4 background. Seems like a game that got a lot of people into fighting games. So, as you stated, after playing Street Fighter for a few years you got into Guilty Gear. How was the transition from Street Fighter to Guilty Gear? Was it smooth for you or did you struggle a lot? Did you have anyone that you played with at the time to help you learn the game?

Vevion: Yeah, Street Fighter 4 definitely brought many players into fighting games! I played Marvel vs Capcom 3 along side Street Fighter 4, which was my first “anime” experience (lol), so going into Guilty Gear for the first time, I had somewhat of an experience on the concept of air dashes and all the things that most anime fgs bring! It was a very rocky start for me though since most of the mechanics for Guilty Gear was completely new, but that didn’t stop me from grinding the game! I was a nobody in Guilty Gear (and in FGs in general) so I didn’t really have anyone to help me learn the game when I first started, and at the time, I didn’t know the DustLoop wiki existed either! Later on, there were videos that I found on YouTube called Guilty Gear Crash Course that definitely helped me a lot during my early days of the game! They are pretty informative videos, and I encourage any new players to give them a watch if you are interested in the game!

Q: I’ve given those a watch (and still refer to them from time to time myself) and they are very helpful. As you stated you weren’t a well known Guilty Gear player at the start but you seem to be fairly well known now, what do you think are the biggest reasons for that? Your gameplay? Your personality? Or something else?

Vevion: I got fairly reputable for the wrong reasons, LOL I get memed on a lot and people tend to joke around with me. I also like to say things that are STRAIGHT FACTS, but I guess not many people see eye to eye with what I have to say! But it’s all love, and I don’t mind people saying shit to me haha.

Q: As they say, “You can’t win them all”. Perhaps almost equaling your notoriety is your love for Elphelt. What was it about the character that drew you to wanting to play her? Was it her design? Her playstyle? Or something else? Were there other characters you played before and if so why did you swap?

Vevion: The moment I saw her design and the fact that she was voiced by Aya Suzaki, who did Mako (I was really into Kill la Kill back in the day haha), I was set on wanting to main her! I was using her and Millia for most of SIGN’s life! When Revelator came out though,I ended up dropping Millia because I lost interest in her; I got bored of using her, so I ended up having a character crisis for a long time and tried different characters like Slayer, Dizzy, etc, but I later on stuck with Elphelt, the character I always used as a sub for all of SIGN, and honestly, I am happy I stuck with her. She is the most fun I’ve had in a character for a long time, and I just love her aesthetic, as well as her tool set. She’s got everything I ever wanted in a character. I plan on using her, no matter what! Even if she gets nerfed badly. The only way I can see myself not using her is if she is completely removed from the next game (KNOCK ON WOOD!) haha

Q: I admire your dedication! I wanted to get your opinion on the recent EVO announcement on Guilty Gear as well as your thoughts about the future of the scene. Do you think with the recent announcement that the player base will slowly dwindle away until the next major update/game or do you think that the scene has a dedicated fan base that will stick with the series no matter what?

Vevion: With things like Tension Pulse, locals having players playing the game, and the recent influx of people streaming the game, Guilty Gear shows no sign of going away! This scene definitely has a dedicated fan base that will continue to support the game. Most of the people I’ve talked to don’t mind that Guilty Gear is not a main title at EVO, and are honestly happy that UNIST has it’s time to shine. They definitely deserve it!

Q: UNIST has been gaining quite a bit of praise from people around the scene. Is it something you have considered getting into yourself or are you a Guilty Gear man through and through? Are there other fighting games you’ve been dabbling in recently?

Vevion: Guilty Gear will always be my main game. I have much to prove to people and goals I want to reach, so it definitely has my priority! Recently, I have been trying out UNIST since people are getting into it because of EVO! I don’t think I see myself trying to get good at the game. I am looking forward to Granblue Fantasy VS! That is a game I might play along side Guilty Gear depending on how the game plays out!

Q: Seems like you are pretty dedicated to Guilty! Speaking of new games if a new Guilty Gear game was announced what sort of features would you like to see carried over into a new entry? What features would you like to see tossed?
Vevion: Things I would like to see being gone in the next game would mainly be:
– RISC gauge
– Tech buttons (remove the invul you get when teching out
– Jump Install
I’m indifferent about danger time, but I wouldn’t mind it being removed haha.
As for what I would like to see added they’re mainly things outside vs like being able to rewind replays, actions on wake up for training mode, etc I am hoping they give us things to help the players improve!

Q: I definitely agree with a lot of that. Especially in regards to the training options. So part of why I wanted to do this series was to have a more intimate look at some of the players in not just the Guilty Gear scene but the fighting game scene as a whole. As such, can you tell me more about Vevion the person outside of the game? Do you have any hobbies, things you do for fun, or anything you’d like to share about yourself as a person?

Vevion: Outside of playing games and working full time, I definitely enjoy watching anime and collecting things like figures and charms of characters I like! I also like talking to people (twitter and discord)! There isn’t a whole lot going with me with life so I unfortunately don’t lead an interesting life haha but I enjoy how things are for me so I can’t really complain!

Q: So what does the future hold in store for you? Are you trying to play more guilty gear for fun? Perhaps stream? Competing at tournaments? What about outside of the game? Do you have any goals there? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Vevion: I will continue playing Guilty Gear for as long as people play it! I love this game and the community. It has a special place in my heart, so I will continue to support this game by going to tournaments whenever possible and help promote the game! I’ve recently started streaming my matches! I find it fun to do, so expect lots of streams of me playing Elphelt in matches! You can find my channel on ! As for goals outside of gaming, I definitely want to improve on my Japanese as it’s a language that would benefit me a lot by learning it haha I have a lot of mutuals that are from Japan that I wish I could talk to more but I can’t casually talk to them because of the language barrier, so I definitely want to change that!

Q: Awesome man! I’m glad to hear it! Hopefully I’ll see you at an event some day. Before I let you go is there anyone you would like to mention or give a shout out to and where can people find you on social media?

Vevion: Next event I’ll be going to will be Combo Breaker, so if you happen to go to it, don’t be afraid to say hi and that goes to anyone reading this! I just want to give a shout out to everyone who continues to support this amazing game! You can find me on Twitter at @Vevion and I also stream at ! I don’t have a set schedule for streaming but I definitely try to stream at least twice a week!

You can find Vevion on twitter @Vevion

And as always you can find me on twitter @itsfrail

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