Behind The Stick: An Interview with Kizzie Kay

I had the chance to sit down with Kizzie Kay, a premier Guilty Gear player from North America. In this interview we discuss: His history with fighting games, why he plays Sin, advice for new players, what he likes to do for fun, and more.

Q: Hello Kizzie! I just want to say thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk with me. I love watching you play at tournaments so it’s exciting to get a chance to talk to you and pick your brain about stuff. How are you doing today man?

KK: I’m doing good! Feels good to finally get home and relax after a busy week how are you?

Q: Exhausted and it’s only Tuesday. But we gotta keep going haha. So for those who are maybe unaware of who you are do you mind giving them a brief history of your time with fighting games from when you first got into them to where you are today?

KK: Well my name is Keenan Kizzie and I’ve been playing fighting games since I was a kid. I remember going to the corner store and playing on the arcades so it’s always been natural for me. But I got in the scene around when Street Fighter 4 came out and I’ve been taken it seriously since then offline.

Q: Seems like it’s always been part of your life. That’s really cool! Also seems like Street Fighter 4 was a huge game for just about everyone I’ve talked to haha. So you’re obviously known now for your Guilty Gear play. What was it that attracted you to Guilty Gear?

KK: Well when I was in high school I bought a game called Guilty Gear Overture 2 and was playing that a lot and getting good at the game. It was really fun and I really loved Sin and Ky in that game. So when I heard there’s other Guilty Gear games I got into Accent Core and played Ky since Sin wasn’t alive yet haha. So here I am playing Sin in Rev2.

Q: And you’re incredible at him too. What was it that attracted you to Sin in the first place? The way he played? His looks? Something else?

KK: The eye patch was dope and I always wanted to know why he wears it. He also has a lot of range to play with which is dope.

Q: Have to agree with that one. I thought about playing him myself but ultimately decided against it. So as you said you’ve been competing for awhile. Do you remember your first tournaments? Do you remember how you felt? How does it compare to how you feel when you compete today?

KK: Yeah, my first tournament was a KOF 13 tournament. The first experience I had when playing is damn these guys are waaaay better than me. I got schooled extremely hard and was amazed by how good people were. It felt good playing good players. Even if I’m out classed I had a great time experiencing it. Now as I matured in my play it feels the same and I still enjoy playing players haha.

Q: Speaking of great players is there anyone you can think of that really pushed you to the next level as a player?

KK: Yes, there’s a lot of players who pushed me as a player and made me who I am today! From Street Fighter to Guilty Gear and BlazBlue all of those players played a huge role in getting me to where I am today! Hugo101, snake eyes, fourwude, kidviper, skd, zidane, arm, flux, c0r, nakkiel, greatfernman, deb, and many others I can keep naming lolol. Just talking and playing them really helped me out. As a player the one who really drove me past my limits was hamad.

Q: Now keeping on with the competitive talk do you remember some of the first tournaments you attended? Do you remember how you felt competing for the first time? Were you nervous? Confidant? How does that compare to now when you compete?

KK: Yeah, I think it was arcade event I went to called Arcade Infinity. I got destroyed so badly and I was omega nervous lol. But now I have a better understanding of how to prep for tournies so I feel way better about them.

Q: What sort of prep do you do for these tournies? Just a lot of practice right beforehand or is there more to it than that?

KK: Study videos and play some short sets to prep. I meditate a lot to prep for mental battles I have ahead of me.

Q: So going back a bit to when you were talking about being new to competing is their any advice you have for new players in regards to both learning the game and competing?

KK: I think my advice would be to start off with character you enjoy and really learn the mechanics. Don’t try to rush your progress and make learning fun. If you can do that then the future of your growth will always be efficient.

Q: So a big part of why I do these is to get a more intimate looks at players both in and out of game. Tell me about Kizzie Kay outside of the game. What do you do for work, for fun, any hobbies, or anything else you feel like sharing about you as a person.

KK: I used to work at power plants as a security guard. But was part of a huge lay off a few years back. I now wanna pursue this as a professional career right now. I think this has changed me for the better and helped me mature as a person. For fun I enjoy hanging with good friends, swimming and playing basketball. Before my auntie died two years back I use to help her cook a lot and feed the homeless people twice a month. But sadly after her loss it’s been very hard to do so. So when I achieve some of my goals in life I plan on going back to that.

Q: That’s awesome man! You’ve got a bright future ahead of you and I can’t wait to see it. What are some of your plans for the future? Do you plan on streaming more? Competing more? Or maybe something else?

KK: I’m going to be competing still but also producing content for the community! Helping people get past their walls in the game. How to think and overcome situations and such. I want to see our new players grow and become competitors. So those are some of my goals this year.

Q: A very admirable goal! Well man, that’s all I have for you. I appreciate you taking the time to sit down and talk to me. Before I let you go do you have any final words or a shout you want to give and where can people find you on social media?

KK: Hey guys, thank you for reading this interview and thank you frail for this opportunity. I’m truly grateful! With that being said there are going to be some big changes on how I do things! Good changes of course, for now I’m working hard to give people the best training resumes to get stronger at their pace so please be patient as things work in mysterious ways! Be sure to support frail with this is a very amazing thing for us as a scene! If you would like to follow my social media its kizziekay310 for my twitch kizziekay for my YouTube and my Twitter is kizzie_kay310. Thank you again!

You can follow Kizzie Kay on Twitter @Kizzie_Kay310

And as always you can follow me on Twitter @itsfrail

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